Principal of Kindergarten & Primary

DSC07110Dear respected parents,

Welcome to Sekolah Tunas Bangsa. Thank you very much for choosing this school as your children first place of their learning journey. We appreciate your decision of it and we take it as a responsibility to keep your trust. Sekolah Tunas Bangsa is the school with 21st century education.

Our motto: We Care, We Share, We Dare covers all the needs of the young children to grow throughout their learning journey from Toddler of 3 years old up to primary six of 11 to 12 years of age. This motto is a big dream of mothers and teachers for the young generations facing their daily life with those three big character : sharing, caring, and dare to try and do something new.

We try to break the code of education need by adopting IB programme with 10 attributes of learner profile and 12 PYP Attitudes. Sekolah Tunas Bangsa also provides great facilities for the whole school communities especially for students and we create a safe, comfort and pleasure place to study. Sekolah Tunas Bangsa is the right chosen place to study, work, and play.

With love and care for each new day, all the teachers try to do their best to fulfill the love tank of every single student. They try their best performance in teaching, not only teachers but also as facilitators, partners, parents at school and friends. The teacher will always encourage and support students to be inquirers and to be confident. Every student should find out their curiosity and should present it to share with other.

We train up students in their ways they should go with discipline so they will not depart from it when they grow up. Discipline is very important to be applied by the whole school communities in Sekolah Tunas Bangsa. Students get used to create their own essential agreement in the classroom and in every activity at school.

Through those things above, I have a big hope for the students that they will be like the statement I cite : “He shall be like a tree planted and the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leave also shall not wither and whatever he does shall prosper”.

Sincerely yours,
Agustin Madjid, S.Pd.


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