We aim to provide a well-balanced, planned programme of activities tailored to each individual child by providing suitable equipment in safe, nurturing surroundings. This will encourage the child's natural curiosity and allow them the valuable opportunity to progress at their own pace in an educationally stimulating environment enabling them to achieve their full potential.

The first five years of a child's life encompass a complex period of rapid growth and development. The experiences, which children have during these years, exert a powerful influence on their long-term development and, more immediately, on their future learning.

  • Communication and language. Extending language through books, stories, development of conversation, lengthening of listening skills, further speech and listening through more complex activities
  • Physical Development and Movement. Develop running, climbing, riding bikes feeding and dressing skills; use of jigsaws, pencils, and paintbrushes; master scissors, buttons, zips, hopping, skipping, throwing and catching.
  • Expressive and Aesthetic Skills.Introduce new experiences e.g. sand, water, and 'gloop' to help with further activities; new textures and ways of creating pictures; develop drawing, painting skills and colour knowledge; pre-writing skills and more detailed activities
  • Emotional, Personal & Social Skills.Help the very young become aware of others, begin to encourage independence; enable children to share equipment with friends and adults, encourage the development of friendships with others; prepare for future experiences in school
  • Knowledge & Understanding of the World Around Us. Allow children to experience changes in their world; more science activities e.g. growing, baking, mixing colours; looking at life cycles e.g. caterpillar-butterfly; talk about seasons; matching, sorting, counting

What is Toddler Class?

A toddler class is:

  • A place where a child can
    • Make friends and learn to share
  • Where a child can
    • Run, jump, climb, sing, make a mess
  • A place where a child can develop, through play, the concentration and ability to use language effectively by:
    • Observing, creating, experimenting, questioning, discussing
  • And have fun!
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