The Three-Way Conference

The 3-Way Conference involves three parties – student, teachers, and parents in which they will agree to set goals and action plan for the next learning based on the self-reflectionthat the student has made. This event is held in the first semester and has the purpose to train the students to be responsible of their own learning through the cycle of self-reflection àgoal settingàaction plan. It consists of three activities:

  • Before thecat school, the student completes the self-reflection sheet to identify his/her strengths and area that needs improvement.
  • At home, student and parents discuss the self-reflection that the student has made in order to set goals for the next learning and think of ways to achieve them. The parents have to fill the table of home conference and put their signature.
  • At school, during the conference, parents and student come to school as scheduled to make an agreement on the student learning and then set an action plan. When setting goals, choose and set the goals which can be observed, measured and reasonable that can be achieved by the student.

Along with this activity, we will also deliver the mid-semester 1 report that will give parents information about the progress of student learning outcomes so that parents and teachers can work togetherand support the student in solving student problems in learning properly.

The parents and child only come on the day and date as written on the invitation letter.

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